Our Services

Choudri & Olejnik's services focus on leadership and organisation development. Our skills are based on powerful values around respect and an ability to bring out the best in people.


Choudri & Olejnik work with leadership teams and individuals to help them identify the areas that require change, deliver it effectively and lead a positive transformation of the organisation. Using business diagnostic methods to identify critical people and organisation issues, we help bring clarity to strategy, structure, roles and responsibilities. We also look at talent management, succession planning and business processes such as decision making, communications and effective performance management. Our focus is on the critical role of leadership in shaping a winning culture. Choudri & Olejnik also focus on partnering with our business clients and do this best through challenging the status quo and the way things are done and providing the precious commodity of insight, allied with support in moving ahead.


Our skills coupled with an ability to build trustful and influential relationships help us to enhance peoples abilities and refine processes which in turn helps organisations to achieve better services and products by using the same or fewer resources.

We believe working with people and organisations to help them reach their potential is not a science, rather an art which can be developed within people so as to allow continuous development of an organisation. We do not offer training, rather our aim is to help people grow from within by learning rather than by teaching, leading ultimately to personal accountability and self reliance. We aim to develop consequence driven high performance cultures.

Choudri & Olejnik have a proven track record of success in developing organisations. We have vast experience of influencing change across differing businesses such as high technology, legal and financial services and in global organisations.